Message from COO

Thursday May 17, 2012
E.Venkatram Reddy

My dear Chargers and Chargers Fans,“We are not defeated when we lose: we are defeated when we quit.”
Let me once again state that it has been terribly unfortunate that disappointments and failures have been haunting us match after match this IPL season. And now the so called “Sting Operation” by a TV Channel has not been pleasant at all. But we are a TEAM; strong, positive, progressive and resilient. Deccan Chargers will definitely not succumb under any such pressure.
I assure all of you, we will bounce back from these adversities. Let’s not dwell on any kind of excuses. As sportspersons make integrity, hard work, sportsmanship and a strong will to win your allies and SUCCESS is surely yours for LIFE!
I ask you to concentrate on the last two games we play on our home ground on May 18th & 20th for this IPL season. Playing for pride is our objective. Let’s CHARGE into the game with full optimism and a strong zeal to WIN.
Push yourselves again and again to reach towards your GOALS. GO CHARGE my dear CHARGERS!!!
A special thanks to Chargers fans from across the GLOBE...You are the force that keeps us going in our low times and you are the real CHAMPS for enduring the losses and yet cheer your favourite time with your encouragement. Deccan Chargers will definitely be a team to reckon with, in the next IPL Season!

E.Venkatram Reddy


especially,bowling department is weak.go for good bowlers. this will keep CHARGERS in good position.let's hope the CHARGERS are DLF IPL CHAMPIONS 2013

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